A good quality decking installation requires regular maintenance. No matter the quality of materials supplied the elements are cruel and constant monitoring and care of your decking area is essential. A regular and proper maintenance programme will save you a lot of money in the long term.

We will consult with you following installation.  Maintaining your decking may consist of staining, painting, waterproofing and general repairs. Whatever is required we can work with you to ensure that your original investment is protected in the long term.

We always agree a budget with you beforehand. We appreciate that people don’t have a blank cheque and our prices are based on what you can afford. We operate within the Port Stephens area and our prices are extremely competitive. We believe we offer quality workmanship at a price you can afford. Our customer is our number one priority. We offer quality services within any budget and are happy to discuss with you any specific requirements you want within your budget.

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