Laundry Renovations

We offer a laundry room renovation and installation service. Whether you have an existing laundry room or are looking to convert a vacant area within you home Elite Property Improvements offers you the best option.

Laundry rooms are an often neglected area of properties but if developed properly can prove to be an essential part of a family home. They are often leftover areas in a property which means you are restricted in the shape and size of that area. This need not be a problem. Here at Elite we can work within the confines of any space to help you design and install a functional laundry room.

We can help with ventilation (vitally important in a laundry room), layout, installation of appliances and how to effectively use your space to its full potential. Laundry rooms are now an important feature in homes and are used for many more things than simply washing and drying clothes. We are happy to work with you to discuss any special requirements you want from your laundry room.