Ambient Blinds & Privacy Screening

Our wonderful but changeable climate here in Port Stephens also requires the necessity for protection from the sun and other elements or simply to entertain in the privacy of your outdoor dining area. Here at Elite Home Improvements we offer a range of blinds and privacy screenings.

The addition of an ambient blind or private screen can help add to an atmosphere and can enhance your outdoor area helping to create the feeling of an extra room in your house.

Here at Elite we are registered installers of Stratco products. Stratco are one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of quality home improvement products. They supply a wide range of products including outdoor seating and cooking facilities, outdoor furniture and a large selection of blinds and privacy screening.

Stratco´s products are high quality and durable, guaranteed to stand up to all types of weather. They offer a wide selection of blinds specifically designed for alfresco entertaining such as pergolas, verandah´s, terraces, patios etc.  A good quality blind offers both privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects all year round.

We have installed products in a wide array of outdoor dining areas. Whatever the size of your dining area we can help you design and install professional, quality blinds or screens at a price you can afford.

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